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Sharpened Axe "Contrarian Entrepreneurs" Slide Sandals!

Sharpened Axe "Contrarian Entrepreneurs" Slide Sandals!

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Don't wanna feel like a GOOBER?

Ok then don't be tryna to run these personalized sandals if you're not ACTIVELY BUILDING a FREEDOM-preneur business that will create lifestyle of absolute FREEDOM! 

(It's kinda like wearing VANS with Nike shorts on, while never having been a skater, surfer or snowboarder!) 

But when you wake up and feel WORTHY of slipping these ON, because you're about GROWTH,  RESPONSIBILITY and DOING what you SAY you're going to do, then they PUMP YOU UP because you're in ALIGNMENT! 

Ready? GO! 

Made with PU outsoles and edge-to-edge strap that will never peel, crack, or fade, these sandals come packed with both comfort and durability. The straps are made with neoprene and polyester to avoid chafing while the ergonomic sole keeps discomfort at bay.

.: Material: 100% PU (polyurethane) outsoles / polyester & neoprene straps

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